ISBN: 9780300185102
Внешнее покрытие издания: в пер.
Тираж издания: 2013
Основное заглавие: Caravaggio`s Cardsharps
Место издания: USA
Издатель: Yale University Press
Дата издания: 2013
Объем издания (количество страниц): 86
Высота, см.: 23,5
Индекс УДК: 73/76
Статус записи (Тип информации): В наличии
Ширина, см: 19,1
Толщина, см: 1
Вес в граммах: 322
Возрастная категория: 6+
Артикул: 2605696

The "Cardsharps", one of the paintings that launched Caravaggio`s spectacular career in Rome, captured the turbulent social reality of the city in the 1590s. This early masterpiece not only documented one of the everyday activities of Rome`s citizens, but its vivid, lifelike style also opened the door to a revolutionary naturalism that would spread throughout Europe. Helen Langdon, the scholar whose illuminating "Caravaggio: A Life" became a best-seller, returns with verve to her subject and his milieu in this new, copiously illustrated volume. She sets Caravaggio`s "Cardsharps" within the context of contemporaneous literature, art theory and theatre, and incorporates new archival research to enliven our understanding of the painter`s time, place and contemporaries. By fully analyzing one of Caravaggio`s most daringly novel works, Langdon demonstrates the significant influence he had on the future of European art.

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