ITALIAN. Complete Language Pack

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ISBN: 978-1-4093-8521-9
Внешнее покрытие издания: в пер.
Язык текста: англ.
Язык текста: итал.
Основное заглавие: ITALIAN. Complete Language Pack
Сведения, относящиеся к заглавию: Language course. Visual phrase book. Grammar Guide. 3 Audio CDs
Место издания: London
Издатель: Dorling Kindersley
Дата издания: 2012
Другие уточнения физических характеристик: col. ill.
Высота, см.: 26
Сопроводительный материал: + 3 CDs
Определитель УДК: = 111 (075.4)
Индекс УДК: 811.131.1
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Teaches you all the essentials of Italian. This title includes a pocket-sized grammar guide for instant reference when you're out and about. This title is the perfect starter kit for learning Italian fast - talk with confidence in just 12 weeks. "The Complete Language Pack Italian" is an easy-to-follow, practical course that teaches you all the essentials in just 15 minutes a day, five days a week over three months. It's a complete starter pack for beginners and combines the bestselling "15-Minute Language Course" and "Visual Phrase Book" with three accompanying CDs plus a pocket-sized grammar guide for instant reference when you're out and about. Learning is broken up into bite-sized chunks with simple conversations based on real-life situations and practice exercises giving you plenty of opportunities to test your newly acquired skills. "The Complete Language Pack Italian" teaches you what you need to know fast proving that learning a language need not be a linguistic challenge.