The Speaking Test Preparation Pack for IELTS

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ISBN: 978-1-906438-86-9
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Основное заглавие: The Speaking Test Preparation Pack for IELTS
Место издания: London
Издатель: Cambridge University Press
Дата издания: 2010
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The Speaking Test Preparation Pack for IELTS is a comprehensive teacher resource pack from Cambridge ESOL to help teachers who are preparing students for their Speaking test. Written by experienced examiners, the pack provides clear explanations of what each part of the test involves. The step-by-step guidance and practical exercises help your students develop their speaking skills so that they perform with confidence on the day of the test. Each Speaking Test Preparation Pack includes: * Teacher's Notes which explain in detail how to use the student worksheets with your class * student worksheets which you can photocopy or print * a set of candidate visuals for you to use in class for realistic Speaking test practice * a DVD showing real students taking a Speaking test so that your students can see what they will have to do on the day.