ISBN: 9780141032405
Внешнее покрытие издания: в обл.
Тираж издания: 3000
Язык текста: eng
Фамилия автора в заголовке: Beevor
Основное заглавие: Stalingrad
Сведения, относящиеся к заглавию: Russia, non-fiction
Место издания: Великобритания
Издатель: Penguin
Дата издания: 2007
Объем издания (количество страниц): 528
Высота, см.: 19,8
Сопроводительный материал: в обл.
Индекс УДК: 821.111
Статус записи (Тип информации): В наличии
Ширина, см: 12,9
Толщина, см: 3,2
Вес в граммах: 662
Артикул: 2209256

In October 1942, a panzer officer wrote `Stalingrad is no longer a town... Animals flee this hell; the hardest stones cannot bear it for long; only men endure. The battle for Stalingrad became the focus of Hitler and Stalin`s determination to win the gruesome, vicious war on the eastern front. The citizens of Stalingrad endured unimaginable hardship; the battle, with fierce hand-to-hand fighting in each room of each building, was brutally destructive to both armies. But the eventual victory of the Red Army, and the failure of Hitler`s Operation Barbarossa, was the first defeat of Hitler`s territorial ambitions in Europe, and the start of his decline. An extraordinary story of tactical genius, civilian bravery, obsession, carnage and the nature of war itself, Stalingrad will act as a testament to the vital role of the soviet war effort.

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