ISBN: 5-8033-0112-4
Основное заглавие: Russian. Comprehensive Course
Сведения, относящиеся к заглавию: A complete lesson book and reference guide : Book and 8 cassettes : [Educational ed.]
Место издания: Moscow
Издатель: Living Language
Дата издания: 2002
Высота, см.: 24
Определитель УДК: (0.054.6)(086.742)=111
Индекс УДК: 811.161.1
Ширина, см: 15,2
Толщина, см: 5
Вес в граммах: 1080
Артикул: 414891

Developed by the experts at Living Language (USA), this course offers a highly effective combination of conversational Russian with grammar and culture. The course is a perfect combination of lively scenes, grammar sections and cultural notes. The Comprehensive Course of Russian includes the course book, which on its own is a perfect textbook and reference tool for language learning, and the recordings of all the lessons of the course, which make the studying even more effective.

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