Market Leader. Elementary

Cotton D.

Market Leader. Elementary

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Student Course Book: authentic texts from the Financial Times and other sources develop reading skills and provide essential business vocabulary; interviews with business people and experts develop listening skills, such as prediction, listening for specific information and note taking; language Work develops students" awareness of common problem areas and introduces grammatical concepts. 16 pages of business skills in each level: negotiating, presentation, writing emails, telephoning and teleconferencing, small talk, meetings and interviews. Open discussion exercises for groups and pairs. Skills section for teaching career-related skills. Useful Language Box provides phrases for role play situations in the workplace. Case study discussions on the unit topic (with commentaries on the DVD-ROM). Working Across Cultures develops cultural awareness and skills. Four revisions units in each Course Book. DVD-ROM. All 12 interviews from the Course Book, with optional subtitles, expose students to natural, authentic speech. Self-study practice activities allow students to revisit problem areas and reinforce classwork. Activities provide language-recycling opportunities with instant, personalised feedback. iGlossary - a digital mini-dictionary that provides definitions and pronunciations of all the key words listed in the Course Book. Audio for business skills lessons.

Дополнительные сведения:

Артикул: 3024267
ISBN: 978-1-292-13475-8
Тип переплета: в обл.
Тираж: 1000
Название: Market Leader. Elementary
Автор: D. Cotton, D. Falvey, S. Kent
Место издания: Harlow
Издатель: Pearson
Дата издания: 2016
Количество страниц: 175
Серия: Market Leader 3rd Edition
Высота, см.: 30
Ширина, см: 21
Толщина, см: 1
Вес в граммах: 570
Возрастная категория: 0+

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